Wild Exmoor

Of course i could pen the usual connotations of Exmoor's virtues. Wielding the all too familiar adjectives, gerunds and what-so-forths. 

To be clear, this isn't the Exmoor National Trust website, if the grammatical errors haven't given it away already?  I will instead recount a tale from my youth, which I feel, encapsulates the [SOME WORD HERE FOR ESSENCE of Exmoor.

One of my early part time employments was that of bar staff at the local, during which it changed hands to a couple from London. 

Having sold their profitable business in the city they thought, "how can we generate the least amount of money with the most amount of effort" - why buy and run and pub of course! And preferably one where all the locals still think a pint of Exmoor Ale is 60p. 

They were, of course, eager and industrious publicans when they first started, requiring everything to be done yesterday.  It was to this end they asked a local farmer come handyman, I believe 'Chunk" was sobriquet, if he might quote them to clear the guttering.  

"oh I'll pop in dreckly" he said.

I enjoyed working for them throughout my formal "education". It was fun part time work just down the road, with bands often playing at the weekends, and they eventually settled into the role as they got to know all the local characters and customs. It was a somewhat sad time then, when after 9 years, they decided to retire. 

It was two days before they were due to hand over the keys, and as a leaving party was in FULL SWING, when the aforementioned Chunk graced the end of the bar.  Taking out his beaten baccie tin he pushed an envelope to Pete.

 "It comes to around 70 if i use my tele'andler." he mumbled through a dogend. 

"What does?"  replied Pete.

"The guttering you want done."

Pete paused, clearly searching back through his mind,  parsing previous conversations.

"But Chunk...we asked you 9 years ago?  We are leaving in 2 days!"

"I did say 'dreckly'. Chunk said, almost to himself, as he walked out the door to light his fag. 

Write here about the most important lessoin is learnt at the end - work hard but no point rushing around etc

Also the 

it is low-level ecstasy- people don't need the excitment but can be found atop a hill in the rain eating soggy marmite sandwhichs.